Hey folks, if you’re looking for investing in the Indian Stock market, then this article is for you, not only in the Indian market but in almost every stock market out there. This is because the company here is going to talk about a big bull from the USA with a big reputation. The legit market giant is Amazon which is currently blooming in the market. In India, the size of the market is huge. 

In addition to that, the purchasing ability in India is also in favour of Business companies. This was the major reason for Amazon entering the Indian market with a bang. In India, Amazon is one of the major and popular online retail E-commerce companies. Also, the goodwill and reputation of Amazon are clean. Flipkart is the major competitor for Amazon in India. 

You should know that as soon as Amazon started blowing in the Indian market, the rise of Flipkart also started. In some years, Flipkart and Amazon both took over almost equal share. In this article, we will take a look at what if Walmart associated with Flipkart to bring down Amazon in India. 

● You would know that Amazon took over Walmart to become the biggest retail e-commerce company in the world. Due to this, Walmart has always tried to bring down Amazon whenever it can. Walmart also started its Online business in many countries to reach the level of Amazon. Amazon is one of the most popular retail e-commerce units in India. Walmart invested a huge sum of $16 billion majority stake in Flipkart in boosting up the financial status. This was a successful move from Walmart because right now, Flipkart owns 34% of the market.

● On the same page, Amazon has 33% of the market share. Now, the share market position of Amazon is still on top among retail e-commerce companies. This states that the performance of Amazon is unaffected after Walmart’s big move. As an intending investor, you shouldn’t worry about the stocks of Amazon. The Amazon stock price currently is near $3200, which is much higher than Flipkart and Walmart. Also, Amazon is racing to the first spot to overtake Apple. 

● You don’t have to worry about any threat to Amazon. Its digital streaming business is also booming in India. Recently, Amazon took over Netflix in gathering more subscribers in the Indian market. 

This is all about the competition between Amazon and the duo of Walmart and Flipkart. You can purchase the stocks of amazon without worrying about it getting flopped. Click https://www.webull.com/cash-flow/nasdaq-amzn to know its cash flow before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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