Full members of the CIWM are able to use the title Chartered Waste Manager and the letters MCIWM after their name. Pre-entry work experience is often sought by employers so you should make the most of work experience placements arranged through your college or university. You could also contact your local council and find out what work experience opportunities they offer. This will help you meet people and acquire the necessary understanding of current issues.

From going paperless to encouraging your employees to cycle to work, there are many ways for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Environmental responsibility is something that businesses of all sizes and sectors have prioritised in recent years, and should continue to do so as the urgent need to protect our planet becomes clear. Hazardous Waste Our rigorous processes mean we handle hazardous waste consignments without harm or damage to humans or the environment.

Whether you’re looking for a company to take care of your paper recycling, plastic recycling, hazardous waste recycling or glass bottles, we have the resources to be of assistance. In addition to our recycling services, we also supply a variety of container types and equipment hire to help you streamline your waste management solutions. In addition to offering recycling services and equipment hire, many skip hire companies also supply a range of waste containers.

Skips are particularly useful in these circumstances, as they give your business somewhere to keep all waste away from employees and customers. However, they aren’t typically considered to be a long-term waste management solution as they can make it difficult for businesses to separate and recycle waste efficiently. Did you know that if you separate your waste effectively, we can help to turn it into new raw materials, new products and even energy. Our carbon-neutral independent business helps you waste less and recycle more, diverting all residual waste from landfill. Use our quick calculator to see how much cheaper your commercial waste management, collection, recycling and disposal could be. Commercial Food Waste Collection From independent cafés to multi-site operations, our food waste collection and recycling service caters for the whole hospitality sector.

We work with businesses of varying sizes and within all sectors across the UK, to help you decide which waste management services, collections and recycling services best fit your needs. From general waste collections, to hazardous waste management, to dry mixed recycling, and much more. Viridor provides its thousands of business customers with a cost-efficient and reliable waste management service. The company is particularly conscious of the impact that waste has on the environment, and so it helps its customers to divert as much of its rubbish away from landfill. To achieve this, Viridor focuses on transforming waste into valuable raw materials and renewable energy. Veolia is the UK leader in environmental solutions with extensive experience in waste management.

Plastic recycling at the facility will save 126,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions/year. Wheelie bins for commercial waste function similarly to your regular bins at your homes and allow you to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Dispose of waste legally, through a management company with a waste management license. Anything that can’t be recycled goes to a waste-to-energy facility where it’s turned into energy to power homes. As a business we continue to be the industry leader as we strive towards turning all waste where possible into a resource, and achieving our goal of complete diversion from landfill. With over two decades of experience, we understand that every one of our customers is different, which is why we offer specialised and hassle-free solutions.

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