There are many types of house architecture. These structures range from the simple hut-like abode that we know today to multi-story structures with elaborate details. The architecture of these structures is determined by the type of materials used. In addition, modern houses usually have many functional features, such as plumbing, electrical systems, heating, and air conditioning systems, and doors and windows to protect the home from intruders. Most traditional houses contain a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. They may also include a dining room or separate bedroom.

Americans love to mix cultures and that diversity shows in their homes. An infographic recently released by Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab details 400 years of house architecture in the United States. The infographic shows the influence of various cultures on the architecture of houses and divides popular residential structures into seven distinct categories. Here are a few of these styles:

The book is organized into different house styles and American architectural building landmarks. It also contains a pictorial key to help you identify each one. Each style is illustrated with a floor plan and detailed historical background. The book also contains over a thousand house plans. You can browse through them to get a feel for the style of the house you’re interested in. The book’s content is updated frequently, so you won’t have to worry about running out of ideas to use in your home.

In addition to traditional architectural styles, you can also use modern house architecture. Cape Cod is one of the most popular house styles, as it mimics the look of English stone cottages. While it’s rare to find true Cape Cod homes with a chimney in the middle, it’s quite common for Cape Cod homes to have a chimney at the end of the house. A key characteristic of this style is that they are often simple and unadorned.

While traditional construction materials have evolved in many countries, most houses in America and Europe are still made of wood or stone. Some areas still use brick almost exclusively. Some use quarried stone for foundations. Nevertheless, metal and aluminum have begun to replace some traditional building materials. Modern construction methods include insulated concrete forms, which are made of foam-filled with concrete. You can also opt for structural insulated panels, which are made of foam that is faced with a sheet of orient strand board.

Modern house architecture also includes ranch-style homes, which are common in many areas of the country. Originally designed in the 1930s, ranch-style homes feature low rooflines and open floor plans. These homes are often L-shaped or rectangular, and often feature an attached garage. Single-floor and split-level ranch homes are popular. There are many variations of this style, but the basic design is similar to the traditional one. It has an open floor plan with a single or two-story floor plan.

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