Mike Turner is an experianced SEO consultant who runs an SEO agency that provides SEO services across the UK. Not ranking in Google isn’t always about your website it, could just be that your in a competitive industry or your competitors are doing a better job than you. Maybe you are working with an SEO Hitchin consultant but aren’t paying enough to get results as quick as you would like. As part of our initial SEO review, I will take a look at your website and let you know what is needed to get your website to rank. Analysing your company website using a proven technical SEO Audit to determine an issues that may prevent your website ranking on Google.

The first could be a Google penalty, this isn’t as bad as it sounds and there are things we can do to fix this and put you on the right track. It could be down to your website, many websites built on website builders such as Wix struggle to rank, so a simple move to another platform such as WordPress can fix your problems. While some people choose to complete their own SEO, these people are normally in low-competition niches or end up spending more time on their SEO than actually running their business. I will also analyse your competitors and their reverse engineer their strategies to see what they are doing to rank higher than you. From this analysis, we will not only be able to match what they are doing but also improve on their SEO strategies.

Whilst it might looks like a lot of steps, the entire process can be completed in as little as 10 days. We’ve worked hard on our process as we know it’s what makes the difference to get a successful project. “This company has really helped with our website and marketing plans. So if you want to drop in and ask some questions, or for us to come and see what you do – we are ready.

Two identical websites, one optimised to work in Google, the second, looks identical but loads too slow and is missing many of the 200+ key indicators that will allow it to perform. Some aspects of SEO are an integral part of web design and should be built in to your site from the ground up. Many website fail to take this into account and miss out on valuable traffic as a result.

Our team of accountants and marketers, use the latest digital Marketing Techniques to help you grow. If you want a UK SEO consultant that has an amazing knowledge of technical SEO, is a Google Partner, follows Google guidelines and gets fantastic results for their clients then please get in touch. I have an excellent track record for giving fantastic results for clients across many different industries. We keep up with the latest 2023 SEO trends to offer outstanding SEO services. Because social media has the highest rates of mobile phone and tablet users it was essential that the site was optimized for iPads, smartphones and smaller devices.

This can also be used in conjunction with our website usability and navigation recommendations for brand new websites – see below. The work I complete will result in higher search rankings on Google for a wide range of search terms. Hiring me as your UK Freelance SEO Consultant can be more cost effective than using a larger SEO agency as I have less overheads to provide SEO consultancy services.

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