I’ve imported good violins from Czech a lot for my students. Outside the tone there’s a lot more wrong with instruments below $ 100. I think there are so many people buying a Violin Shaped Object, noticing that nothing works and giving up the violin. However, there are great webshops that do offer good instruments and service. I am a beginner, and everything was included for me to start playing right away.

Maybe take it to a violin shop or luthier to have it identified. As long as you keep your expectations not too high and can accept that some work needs to be done on this instrument, it’s of course great for value for money. Watch my review video here, in which I demonstrate this violin.

Didn’t open it til June cas was for a B day n the midwest. Pegs are stripped out and do not tighten. As a Glarry member you can quickly check out, view and track your previous orders, and choose to receive our latest offers and deals.

I got some fairly nice sounds out of it. This product came poorly packaged in a thin bag with no packing materials that was ripped upon arrival as was the cheaply made violin case. This is a Christmas gift and being that we’re 4 days out, I have to give my daughter a scratched violin in a ripped and unraveled case. The only purchase I made this Christmas that I’m not satisfied with. I purchased this violin for my granddaughter.

Prompt shipping and great purchase experience. Customer service is very professional and super nice. They refunded 100% for the poor quality product.

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