What is Florist Insurance? You work hard at making flowers bloom, and then you want them to last for a long time. However, with special tools from floral blossom strippers to group cutters just lurking in the garden, there’s always the possibility that something can go wrong. And who doesn’t want to have their flower arrangements ruined by unexpected floods or sudden storms? It’s always better to be prepared and safe than sorry, so why not buy insurance?

Florist Insurance covers the professional liability for any damage that a customer could suffer as a result of your shop being broken into or damaged by vandals. Your business may have been broken into due to your flower shop’s proximity to an address that has been known to be used by such criminals. Vandal proof security is not a myth, it’s a reality. If your shop is broken into and items are stolen, you Florist Insurance will replace them. And if a customer decides to sue you for damages because of the loss of property, you will be covered by insurance.

Most Florist Insurance policies will give some coverage for flowers that are lost or damaged while in transit. This is called ‘general liability insurance’, which means that it will also cover you if a customer who buys flowers from your flower shop suffers some sort of damage while receiving or taking the flowers from your shop. However, it is important to point out that this is the least that will be covered – not just the cost of replacement. Some insurance policies will also cover losses if employees of the flower shop or employees of the customer slip, fall or injure themselves on your premises. These are generally the more expensive types of insurance coverages and are therefore worth researching even further when thinking about expanding your business.

General Liability Insurance will also protect you against any legal claims that may arise due to injuries on your premises. This covers anything from physical injuries to death or injury caused by you or your employees. For instance, if a customer slips and falls on your carpet and breaks their leg, they might be eligible for compensation for this, as well as for any other potential medical expenses that they incur. General Liability Insurance also covers you against any claims made by customers or visitors who fall or slip on your premises and are injured as a result.

If you are a Florist with more than one location, you should consider whether you require Business Liability Insurance as part of your Florist Insurance policy. Many professional florists will purchase Business Liability Insurance to protect their business interests in the event that they should be sued for personal injuries that have occurred on their premises. It pays for property damage, such as spoilage, and for any injury or death that has occurred due to faulty installation, faulty workmanship or other work-related accidents. Business Liability Insurance is not the same as Workers Compensation Insurance, which is designed to protect the workers that your business employs.

Property Insurance will typically provide coverage for a variety of different scenarios, including theft, vandalism and for incidents that may occur at your flower shop. It covers any liability that may occur due to damage that has been done to another person’s or vehicle’s property. The kind of insurance that you choose depends upon what you are hoping to achieve for your business and will vary depending upon the specific needs that you have as a Florist. The basic types of coverages that you can expect to obtain from a Florist Insurance policy include the following:

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