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Capture one pro 12 export free. Quick round-trip to Photoshop

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Capture one pro 12 export free


Now, it is as straightforward as adjusting the JPEG quality slider in the Process Recipe, to immediately see the impact. When I process images out of Capture One for the web, I still want the highest possible quality. Then, in Photoshop, I downsized the image to a width of typically pixels.

This is a logical consequence of downsizing. Therefore, I need to re-sharpen the file. A red circle above the image marks this. In this mode, the viewer will display the image according to the recipe.

This way, I can see the file exactly as it will look when processed and I can also check the sharpness and the quality of the JPEG compression. To compensate for lost sharpness, caused by the downsizing of the file, I could just add some more sharpening in the Sharpening tool. However, I would then need to change it again if I were to process the same image with different scaling. To deal with this issue, we have added another new Capture One 10 feature that allows you to add Output Sharping to a Recipe.

With Recipe Proofing active, dragging any of the sliders gives live feedback in the Capture One viewer. Image update speed during Recipe Proofing may be slower, as it requires more processing. The following image is good to show JPEG compression artifacts as it has smooth tonale transitions as well as fine high contrast structures:. The image in the middle uses Quality Here, the ringing is much less noticeable.

The Process Summary Tool shows approximately how big the file will be. In the example above the file increases from kb to kb to 1Mb. Process Recipes in Capture One offer a repeatable consistent way to prepare your images for print. However, the principles can be applied to any other print service. Process Recipes are built in the Process Recipes tool found in the Output tool tab.

In this case, my Recipe is going to create a n A3 Print, to the L. Type specification. In the Process Recipe tool, I have to fill in the parameters for the output I want.

In this case the format that L. Finally, I want to set my Scale to Dimensions and use mm x mm which is the exact size L. Type will output a print at for the print size , A3 with a Why a m I so picky about setting this exact size?

For one it will allow me to crop accurately but m ore importantly it means L. Type will not have to resize my image before printing. You might be thinking, well surely, I just send them the biggest file I can squeeze out my camera and it will look great! But the hard fact is that reducing an overly large image to a smaller size might have a negative impact on quality and sharpness in the same way as having to increase an image in size can.

You want to be in control of this process. This way, I ensure the best quality I can , to send to print. There is nothing worse than sending an image to print and having something cropped out of your control. In this case, L. Type never crop your images, but that may mean uneven borders instead. I f my image was already cropped, then I might need to tweak the crop to f it into the aspect ratio of my freshly created Recipe. Fortunately, there is a super simple way to do that in Capture One. Long press ing on the Crop cursor tool means I can choose Output in the drop-down menu.

When I go to crop my image or adjust the current crop it will snap exactly to my dimensions in the currently selected Process Recipe. In this case, mm x mm. With the crop, size and aspect ratio in place, I want to control the sharpening. This is a crucial step when exporting to print. Capture One will then calculate the amount of sh arpening required, based on my scaling and viewing distance.

Sharpening is very much a personal preference or subject dependant, but I have found the default amount of 80 to work well on a variety of subjects. If I feel the image quality is less than perfect, perhaps slightly missed focus or some motion blur, I might back it off a little to To take the guesswork out of exports, there is a very neat feature that will simulate the selected Recipe in the viewer.

Recipe Proofing will simulate the scaling and output sharpening for this Recipe. Immediately the image will be resized and sharpened. But if you are really concerned or want to nail your own personal preference, you can always send prints to your chosen service to see what works best for you. As I said earlier, the default of 80 at a viewing distance of 40cm has been working well for me.

Last but not least, Process Recipes can also have unique export locations. By default, the output location is decided in the Output Location T ool as indicated in the Root Folder of the File tab. However, I want my Process Recipe to have a unique location.

Type account. This avoids any additional up load or file management steps. To export my image, I click on the Process button in the Process Summary tool. Simp ly check the box next to your Process Recipes to activate them.


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Learn how to set up Capture One to export images for optimal print quality. Learn about Process Recipes, fixed dimensions and sharpening for print. Capture One Pro 8 will export the Variant and open it automatically in the RAW file first and then I’m free to open the processed file in photoshop. Capture One Express (for Sony) is a free photo editing software for Sony cameras. Boost your photos with auto adjustments and instant looks.


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