A lot of people have asked me about Samsung’s new battery life technology that is called” Adaptive Power Reserve”. This means that your battery will last longer even when you least expect it to. I was curious to find out more about this so I went ahead and did some research to see how true this was. I also wanted to see if my claims that this was a great feature for my laptop were true. Here is what I discovered. You can learn more information about INR18650-30Q

The fact that my laptop battery was lasting so long even when I most often used it in the lowest power state indicated that there was something wrong with the machine. Looking further into the matter, I discovered that Samsung’s Adaptive Power Reserve was running in the background without my knowledge. My laptop had a setting called “Turbo Economy” which automatically set the screen on full brightness while the computer was running. This automatically made the battery last much longer than it should have.

After removing this setting from the laptop’s setup, my battery life lasted a lot longer. Another thing that helped was that I left my laptop on charge most of the time. I don’t normally leave my laptop on charge because I rarely use it on the laptop all day. But it seemed like my laptop picked up the battery life pretty quickly when I did leave it on charge.

I ran several tests with my laptop to determine the overall effect of this feature on my battery life. I used the same settings on each computer, except on the Samsung unit I tested with all the Turbo Economy settings enabled. After testing for several hours on each computer, the results were about the same. Only about five minutes per computer session was consumed when the system was running on Turbo Economy. The actual time it took to boost the battery to full capacity was only about six seconds. This was much faster than the six seconds it took when I disabled the Turbo Economy feature on my laptop.

One other thing that impressed me about Samsung laptops is that they don’t use much energy while they are running. Whenever I opened another app, or refreshed the web page, my laptop hardly ever heated up. Even when I opened up the calculator in my web browser, the battery didn’t start to heat up. As a result, my laptop was able to stay on for a much longer period of time. I also noticed that my internet connection speed was a lot faster when I used the laptop in this manner.

I do plan to turn off the Turbo Economy feature when I bring my laptop around with me. Doing so will free up some of my battery power that I can use for other things. However, it’s nice to have the option of leaving my laptop on while I travel. I’m very satisfied with the battery life that I’m getting out of my new Samsung laptop. It makes using my laptop a lot more enjoyable.

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