Are you looking for facts about coffee? If yes, then read on. There are lots of facts about coffee you should know about. Coffee is a popular hot drink prepared from finely ground coffee beans, usually from the berries of certain Coffea species only found in selected parts of South America. When coffee berries transform from green to reddish color indicating ripening they are taken, processed, dried and stored. Dried coffee leaves are roasted at different levels, depending on what desired taste. You can get more information about Baratza Vario Review

Do: You can use coffee beans or grounds to make hot water. The main difference between coffee beans and grounds is that coffee beans can be added whole to hot water while grounds have to be mixed with water first before adding. Some other good coffee drinks that can be made using coffee beans include: latte, cappuccino, cafe latte, lattes, mochas, cappuccino espresso, etc. To make a latte, just add hot water, stir, add cream, sugar, milk, and coffee grinds.

Don’t: You should never have more than 20 grams of caffeine in your daily dose of coffee. This is the level most associated with causing poisoning in individuals with caffeine sensitive. In fact, an increasing number of dentists and health experts are advising their patients not to have any more than this amount in their coffee drinker. Having too much caffeine in your coffee can keep you from sleeping, which can result in poor day-time performance and forgetfulness. It can also cause headaches, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and can even increase the risk of a heart attack.

Do: Use only fresh and immature beans. If you want to make a really strong coffee, then by all means, use green, mature beans. However, if you’re a “goat herder,” use roasted, split, or rolled beans. These are known as specialty beans, which contain a higher amount of caffeine but less tannin. Roasting coffee beans helps to release the natural oils in the beans. Oven roasted beans, air-roasted beans and decaffeinated coffee all have higher amounts of caffeine and fewer desirable flavor components.

Don’t: Buy beans in large bags. In addition to being bulkier, bean bags are more expensive than whole coffee beans. A bag of beans may contain anywhere from two to three tablespoons of caffeine, whereas whole beans contain one to two tablespoons of caffeine and up to ten grams of oil. In addition to being more expensive, beans bought in bags can spoil more quickly than whole beans.

Do: Follow proper storage procedures for your coffee beans. Although it is important that coffee be kept cold, it’s not always practical to do so. Cold coffee beans lose their flavor more quickly than warm ones do. Therefore, when choosing how to store your coffee, consider your personal preferences. If you are a coffee drinker who prefers a particular type of cup, store your beans in the same way.

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