Website functionality needs to be top-notch if businesses wish to remain competitive. For example, you cannot tell the website user how much each of your options costs without first explaining what each option entails. As your website visitors will be professionals who are concerned with their own business development, they will be acutely aware of a logical website flow . You need to identify what your customer wants or needs, then develop clear and concise messaging that speaks to your audience’s requirements and gives your company purpose.

A website redesign project can carry a high price tag, which can feel like a lot for a client to shoulder upfront. 93% of customer service professionals agree that today’s customers have higher expectations than ever before. A well-designed website will help qualify leads by funneling them through certain behaviors. Only with a well-designed SEO website can companies take advantage of this advertising and sales channel.

Search engine web crawlers can actually detect the loading speed of your page. Slow websites will have high bounceback rates anyway, which is bad for conversions, but to make matters worse search engines will down-rank slower sites. Evidence suggests that the Google algorithm measures this in the time-to-first-byte data load speed. Just like when you were in school and wanted to know how well you did on a big exam, you want to know how well your website and digital marketing efforts are faring. While you can’t grade your efforts based on a concrete A-F scale (though that would be nice, wouldn’t it?), you can calculate your return on investment . By switching to UXPin Merge, PayPal empowered its product teams to build new products and features eight times faster than experienced UX designers using traditional vector-based design tools.

Basically, an increasing closing ratio leads to increasing income. Tracking your website’s search engine ranking will help you know its visibility and how easy your target audience can find your site. It will also guide you on what strategies to implement to achieve your website goals. Although determining the cost of investment is relatively straightforward, the investment value or profit may be difficult to determine. This is due to various factors like hidden costs, productivity, and so on. It is important to put all possible factors into consideration to know the true value of your website’s ROI.

So be sure to do your own math to see how a website investment would impact your specific business. We do work like this day in and day out, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to talk about your business’s needs and how our guidance can help you develop projects that benefit your business and give you the ROI you’re looking for.

A well-designed website is a key to improving online marketing, customer satisfaction, and subsequently, an improved return on investment . Conversion optimization is the number one challenge for more than a third of ecommerce businesses. This is why 80% of companies redesign their websites to fix low conversion rates. Increased Visitors – A properly designed and developed website should generate increased visitors. With improvements in Search Engine Optimization, as well as content strategy, you’ll be able to see an increase in the number of people viewing your website (i.e., more marketing reach).

UXPin is a product design platform used by the best web designer on the planet. Let your team easily design, collaborate, and present from low-fidelity wireframes to fully-interactive prototypes. You should first measure these metrics without a design system to get a baseline and then with a design system to calculate its impact. ROI of design calculations vary depending on what you’re trying to measure. In an informative webinar Aaron Powers, Principal Design Researcher at Athena Health, demonstrates how to Calculate UX ROI with Financial Models.

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