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[SOLVED] Windows 10 – Multiple RDP Sessions.

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1 day ago · You can have 1 concurrent RDP session into a Windows 10 machine running Pro or Enterprise. Server OSes can have 2 concurrent sessions unless they’re set up for RDS. If they’re set up as RDS, they can have as many as the hardware can handle and/or what they are licensed for. Spice (2) flag Report. Jul 01,  · Window Server by default only allows 2 concurrent RDP sessions. If you need more than 2 RDP connections, there are ways to do this but you have to abide by a licensing model. Typically Client Access Licenses (CALs) are used, or for an RDS environment, Windows Virtual Desktop is a good product to use. Aug 31,  · Only Windows Servers have the capability to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for multiple users to connect at the same time. Since you are using Windows 10 Enterprise, once an RDP session is on-going for another user, it will be disconnected as soon as another user tries to connect to it.


Windows 10 enterprise allow multiple rdp sessions free

I can only login 28 users. If the status is set to Enabled, the maximum number of connections is limited to the specified number consistent with the version of Windows and the mode of Remote Desktop Services running on the server. The result works fine, but the instructions about editing it appear to be missing a small but crucial item… sssions.


How to allow multiple rdp session – Microsoft Q&A – Solution 1: Enable multiple RDP sessions using RDP Wrapper Library


The machine is currently windows 10 home, but we plan to upgrade it, if this is possible. Does anyone know if pro or enterprise will allow this, or is it just a function of the server editions? Brand Representative for Microsoft. Linux does multiple login. But, only in console. Windows would allow 2 people to log into sessions. But, one gets locked while the other one gets to work. Why don’t you use hyper v with VDI and you could create a pooled collection of win10 or any os.

And let 10 users to rdp at a time. Thanks everyone for the informative replies. I definitely don’t want to break any licensing agreements, so thank you very much for this information. Ahmad, this is a simple laptop that is being used to create a prototype system.

I doubt it could handle that and would be overkill for this situation. To sum it up, this simple request is was just something that would be nice for the devs to have. After looking into it, I don’t think a budget would be approved for the licensing needed. They’ll just have to do without. Thanks everyone. To use more than 2 users concurrently, either use the more expensive but capable 1 Windows Server Standard enabling the built-in Remote Desktop Services feature and purchase the related CALs for the RDP sessions required or use 1 Windows Server Essentials and add Windows 10 Pro licenses per the number of VMs you wish to run after setting up the Hyper-V feature.

Does that mean that one person can be sitting and using the computer not RDP while another can be connected via RDP let’s say from an old win xp computer , at the same time, without disturbing each other?

I see this topic a lot. Why doesn’t MS create a multi-user desktop OS and just charge more for it to account for the multiple users?

I think a lot of people would go for it for the convenience. I know I would. Charging for the OS and generating silly artificial limits like this – Windows desktops are capable to host many users in some applications – is so “s”. In most cases, like some quoted above it may even be just one user wanting to access a system they’ve already paid for from multiple devices – what’s wrong with that, and why should the consumer be multiply charged for something they’ve already paid for?

VertigoRay: That is what I’ve read. But I haven’t seem anything official from Microsoft. Has anyone got this working? OK great. That “poster” is kinda hard to read on my currently-little-screen. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Your daily dose of tech news, in brief.

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That said Security doesn’t sleep and so do we have to keep our systems and our knowledge up to date. We have some Online Events. Log in Join. Windows Spice 6 Reply Chris Microsoft.

Spice 5 flag Report. Big Green Man This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.

Spice 2 flag Report. Damn, Chris types faster. Spice 6 flag Report. OverDrive This person is a verified professional. Spice 1 flag Report. Ahmad This person is a verified professional. OP michaelmalambri. Jessevas, to answer your question. No this is not a terminal server. New contributor pimiento.

No, only 1 user can be logged into Windows Greg answered it. Thanks Greg and Big Green Man! New contributor sonora. NathM wrote: patk3 wrote: I see this topic a lot. IMHO, using a WIndows system by more than one user is more like: Going to a car showroom and buying a new car for cash. Getting home and finding out you have been issued with a single key, locked to your fingerprint. Just me then? A long time ago,terminal server was an addon but, there have been a few architecture changes since then.

Maybe if enough people asked it could be a added as a dev tool since they’re using subscription based licensing now. Now then, has anyone got this working?

I know there are workarounds of dubious legality, but is this an actual Microsoft thing? Read these next

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