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Also I’ve only had this remote for two weeks and the silicone of the power button popped out. I’m in the process of returning the remote. Very disappointed and it’s the worst universal remote I’ve ever owned. I’ve never been this upset and inconvenienced from returning a package! We lost the remote for our Samsung TV and it got pretty old having to get up and turn it on or turn down the volume it’s !

I ordered this not ever having used or set up a universal remote and once I popped the batteries in it just started working! Thank baby jesus! I didn’t have to do any of the programming stuff since it is pre-set for Samsung TV’s. I was worried, but couldn’t make it easier than that. If you have a Samsung TV, get this! The price is right and it’s pre-programmed. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Not good for modern devices. Read to see why Not even the “input” button works!

Instead, it would do some weird function of “saving channel” Also, I have a Vizio Soundbar which I recommend getting in another review but this remote doesn’t have a “bluetooth” button like the soundbar does. And this is after spending 30 minutes trying to get the codes right!

I’m sure it’s good for simple purposes, but not for modern purposes. Reviewed in Canada on November 2, This is a very good replacement remote or adjunct to one on which some keys have stopped working. It covers all of the major functions of my TV and also my cable box as I discovered through experimenting.

However, at first it seemed like it was able to perform only the very basic functions on my 6-year old Toshiba TV like powering on or changing channels, but that others source selection, TV configuration menu were either unavailable or were working wonkily.

That’s because I used the codes listed in the enclosed instructions. I then went to the manufacturer’s Web site byjasco. The first one I tried worked perfectly and I can now use the remote fully for my TV. I do not know if it works for Apple TV or networking capabilities since I do not find those things relevant for my needs and it would be picayune for me to complain about that.

It would be a good idea for GE to include a more useful and up-to-date version of the codes list in the packaging or to simply direct people to go to the Web site as a first step. Programming the remote is simple and very fast. I also appreciate its slim-line profile and the light weight.

And if you buy one of the versions in another finish than the standard basic black, it becomes more readily identifiable as you need to locate it. I have yet to try it for my Blu-Ray players, but it does seem to be lacking one-key access to some of the functionalities like time elasped or remaining; I would probably need to go into menus to use them with this remote.

But that is a minor point and I consider myself fully satisfied. I bought this remote because my surround sound Onkyo brand , remote is starting to die. Although this replacement remote does most of the functions of the factory one, it does not switch between sources.

Which is what I mainly wanted it for. I was hoping that I could use the coloured buttons on this remote to program them to change input and output sources. That has proved to not be the case. In the meantime, I will have to keep searching for a learning remote. Translate review to English. The manual included a QR code to their instructional video on Youtube, which is fantastic for lazy people like myself.

The setup took less than a minute, and I was ready to go. The Siri remote supports both IR and Bluetooth signals. This remote, unfortunately, only supports IR.

This means if your Apple TV is tucked away, it will not be able to receive the signal. I had to pull mine out of the TV stand. Things on Apple TV you cannot do with this remote: – Scribble seek: Unlike the Siri remote, there is no touch pad on this remote, and you are only allowed to skip 10 seconds at a time.

Having to switch between multiple remotes is a nightmare. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. However, if you want one click access to any folder on your computer, navigate to that folder, then right-click on Quick Access and choose Pin current folder to Quick Access. Lastly, you can also get to that pinned folder quickly by simply right-clicking on the File Explorer icon in your taskbar and choosing your pinned folder, which will show up in the jumplist.

So in summary, if you want to change the default folder system-wide, you can only pick between This PC and Quick Access. If you use the second method involving the shortcut hack, then you have to use the shortcut from the taskbar. Lastly, if you just need quick access to a folder, try using the pin to Quick Access option as that will also be system-wide and will remain in the left-hand side even as you browse through other folders.

If you have any questions, post a comment. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Under Save As , in the Calendar title text box, type the name that you want to appear as the title of the Web page.

For File name , browse to the location where you want to save the Web page and then type a file name. By default, the Web page opens in your Web browser after you click Save. If you do not want to see the Web page, clear the Open saved Web page in browser check box. Note: In some Web browsers, such as Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, the page might not appear as it should because active content is blocked. A copy of your calendar can be sent to anyone in an email message.

The calendar is included as an attachment and also appears within the message body. You decide what dates are included and the amount of detail. Note: If you are using the Navigation Pane in Minimized view, in the Navigation Pane, click , click Navigation Pane , right-click the calendar that you want to share, and then click Send Calendar via E-mail. In the Calendar list, choose the calendar to send.

By default, the default Calendar is chosen. In the Date Range list, choose the amount of calendar data to include in your message, or click Specify dates to enter a custom date range. Note: If you choose a large date range or select Whole calendar , you might create a large message. In the Detail list, choose the amount of detail to show the recipients.

Optionally, you can restrict the information included in the message to your working hours by selecting the Only show time within my working hours check box. To change your working hours, click Set working hours. The existence of private items is included, but no further information is shared.

E-mail Layout You can include your Daily schedule or a List of events. In the To box, enter the name of the person to whom you want to send the subscription information. The calendar appears to the recipient within the message body. The attached iCalendar file with a file extension of. When an. When opened as an Outlook calendar, the recipient can view the received calendar in side-by-side or overlay views. The recipient can also drag calendar items from the received calendar to another Outlook calendar.

You can share your Outlook calendars by publishing them to Microsoft Office Online. Office Online provides a free way to share calendars and lets you control who has access to them. Furthermore, you can publish or view calendars on Office Online even if you do not use an Exchange account. Using Office Online is a great way to share calendar information if you use POP3 or IMAP email accounts, the most common types of personal or small business email accounts.

In Calendar , in the Navigation Pane , right-click the calendar you want to publish. Note: If you are using the Navigation Pane in Minimized view, in the Navigation Pane , click the Calendar button , click Navigation Pane , and then right-click the calendar you want to publish. Tip: If you want to publish your default calendar, click Publish My Calendar in the Navigation Pane , and then proceed with step 3.

If you do not have a free Windows Live ID account, you can create one. Follow the instructions on your screen. Next to Permissions , choose whether your calendar information can be viewed by specified people only or searched and viewed by anyone using Office Online.

Only invited users can view this calendar If you click this option, an Outlook sharing email message opens after the calendar is published to Office Online. You can send the sharing email message to each person to whom who you want to grant access to your calendar.

The sharing message automatically includes a link to the calendar and you can type a message if you want to. Anyone can view and search for this calendar on Office Online If you click this option, anyone who knows the link to your calendar can view it. People do not need a Windows Live ID account to log on or sign in to a service. In addition, Office Online users can find this calendar when searching for calendars. If you are publishing a calendar that anyone can view and search, type a description of your calendar in the Description box.

This information helps other Office Online users find your calendar. Share a contacts folder with others. Share calendar. Share an Outlook calendar with other people. Share your Microsoft or Outlook. Choose the calendar you want to share from the drop-down menu. In the Calendar Properties dialog box, click Add. The person you’ve shared your calendar with will receive a sharing invitation by email.

I see a “This calendar can’t be shared” error If you see a message that says This calendar can’t be shared , there are three possible reasons. The email address is invalid. The email address is an Microsoft Group The email belongs to an external user who isn’t part of your organization.

What permissions people have to your calendar You can choose from several different permission levels when sharing your calendar. Those sharing your calendar with this permission level can only see which times you’re available, like this: Can view titles and locations. Those sharing your calendar with this permission level will see availability and the subject and meeting location, like this: Can view all details.

Stop sharing your calendar At any time you can revoke access to your calendar. Click Calendar. Click OK. Share a calendar by publishing it to a web page If you have access to a web server that supports the World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning WebDAV protocol, you can publish your calendar there.

Notes: As the manager, your mail must be delivered to your mailbox on the Exchange server, not to a Personal Folders file. You and the delegate must use the same version of Office Outlook. Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Burger King Email. Google Assistant on Wear OS 3. Microsoft Edge Duo Transition Changes.

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