It is important to consider drainage issues whilst you are creating a base for your artificial grass. Not only is an area that drains well more usable year-round, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your grass. As with anything, materials that continue to sit in water are encouraged to grow mould and begin to decay. Using our professional expertise, we have selected the best artificial grass ranges available for our customers. Prices range from £5 per square metre for our cheapest artificial grass and can reach up to £25 per square metre for our luxury offering.

In 1969, the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field in Philadelphia, at the time also home field of the Philadelphia Eagles, switched from grass to Graszoden kopen making it the first National Football League stadium to use artificial turf. Humbled, Harry explored bids for just the material alone on a smaller, 20-by-20-foot square. Adding in that service, the company said, would nearly triple the cost, bringing the total to about $5,000 to $6,000 for a complete installation on the smaller area. Kiwis are famous for our DIY skills, and plenty of our customers like to have a go at installing their artificial turf themselves – but for the rest, we offer an affordable and efficient artificial grass installation service.

You can also find versions of synthetic grass at Home Depot, but as we discovered in similar research that Wirecutter performed regarding hot tubs, a lot of the best, highest-quality, longest-lasting installations are not DIY jobs. If you have a dead, desolate stretch of property that’s so hideous you can hardly stand to look at it, smothering it in rolls of fake grass might actually be an upgrade. But don’t make such an investment thinking it’s a low-cost, zero-maintenance, long-term solution for a problematic patch of yard. The fix won’t last forever—although some tiny pieces of it might. And complications related to the disposal of synthetic turf, not to mention its impact along the course of its useful lifespan, raise serious questions about its long-term sustainability. Choose between three varieties of turf that beautifully replicate real grass.

The property next door has clusters of mature succulents and in-ground sprinklers. (Minimally maintained lawn grasses don’t seem to do well on this block.) Either yard represents an investment in money and effort, but the living version has better long-term prospects. He is a writer at Design Milk, as well as the former managing home editor for Apartment Therapy Los Angeles, and he has written about home design and products since 2006 for a multitude of design-focused outlets, including Dwell, Domino, and Design Sponge. The technology is only applied to the grass blades which is activated by sunlight. Select a durable, easy-to-maintain option that can cope with the comings and goings of customers, schoolchildren or office staff.

” Water waste is another detail that comes up a lot from artificial-turf manufacturers as a primary reason to claim an advantage over natural turf in terms of sustainability. And it’s true that a traditional lawn can use excessive amounts of water, especially in a poorly designed system, but there are often additional solutions to consider. If you’re looking to install artificial grass in NZ, give our team at Smart Grass a call. We’re happy to provide you with a warranty ensuring you get the artificial turf and professionalism you paid for.

The plastic waste generated by artificial lawns is another area of ecological concern. Although some lawns can last a lifetime, others may last only a few years – either way, they’ll eventually end up in landfill. Some companies are working to produce “”greener”” alternatives to the 100% plastic lawns that are currently the norm throughout Australia.

Artificial turf was first installed in 1964 on a recreation area at the Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. The material came to public prominence in 1966, when AstroTurf was installed in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. The state-of-the-art indoor stadium had attempted to use natural grass during its initial season in 1965, but this failed miserably and the field conditions were grossly inadequate during the second half of the season, with the dead grass painted green. When you’re considering a larger installation, with a higher budget and a stricter requirement that the installation look more realistic, you’re likely to be dealing with whatever regional supply houses have a share of the market in your area.

The backing with holes, designed for natural water drainage, is resistant to all unfavourable weather conditions. Longer synthetic grass with pile heights of over 24mm offer more cushioning and shock absorption, making them ideal for family gardens and high-traffic areas. Artificial lawns with a shorter pile height offer a more professional appearance, and they’re also typically cheaper. If you’re looking for that ‘freshly-cut’ look, we suggest going for a grass roll with a 15-24mm pile height. Thinking of making the switch from real grass to an artificial lawn?

There are some environmental benefits to using artificial grass. Unlike a real lawn, fake grass doesn’t need to be mowed – which some people do with electric or fossil fuel mowers – or watered, which is a serious consideration as the UK anticipates increasing water stress due to the climate crisis. The thickness of your artificial turf grass depends on the range you select, typically ranging from 15mm to 40mm.

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