And if you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t provide stretch and support, you’re going to be uncomfortable, especially if you’re struggling with issues like engorgement. Crafted like a racerback sports bra, this pick is appropriate for medium-impact activities, but might not cut it if you want to run or do other high-impact exercises. The bra pulls on overhead, so there are no back clasps for adjustment. The shoulder straps are adjustable and can be tightened for additional support. Nursing bras can get expensive, which is why this seamless pick is our top choice for a budget-friendly option.

However, more recent research suggests that this isn’t necessarily the case, and that you want to avoid bras that are too tight or don’t fit correctly — not the underwire. If you’re planning on nursing after you give birth, one of the most important things you can do is buy several quality nursing bras. These bras are specifically designed to make a mother feel comfortable post-pregnancy.

The On Gossamer Mesh Convertible Nursing Bra is made of breathable mesh material that contours to your breast for a snug and secure feel. Even though you were hoping that you’d leave discomfort behind with the end of your pregnancy, breastfeeding introduces a new host of irritations. First, your breasts are sore from the experience of not just your milk coming in, but getting used to the feeling of your baby nursing. So, look for a bra that doesn’t just support your breasts, but also doesn’t add to chafing or discomfort.

Rating it a 5 for value, our tester noted that this nursing bra was so comfortable that she would wear it even after she is done nursing. Even though a nursing bra might seem like a utilitarian purchase, it can be a very versatile undergarment. You wouldn’t just buy one type of standard bra and expect it to work for every occasion. Many women prefer to wear a sleeping bra when they’re nearing the end of their pregnancy or nursing because it provides additional support. Imagine if you were able to turn any nursing bra into one that could support hands-free pumping.

Made of breathable and buttery soft and stretchy Pima cotton and spandex blend, your breasts will feel supported, not suffocated. Our tester, a mom of two little ones, felt like the super-soft material was outstanding and lent to the easy, adjustable fit and rated it a 5 for both attributes. She described the material of the cups as soft and flexible, an essential feature as breasts fluctuate in size throughout your breastfeeding journey.

She recommends stretchy nursing bras to accommodate the breast changes moms experience during this time. You’ll also want to pick a bra with thick back closures that have four or more hooks and wide, cushioned straps, plus a band that doesn’t ride up in the back. There are a number of items that can make breastfeeding a little easier, but none are quite as important as a nursing bra. Allowing you to bare one or both breasts at a time to feed your baby, the best nursing bra are comfortable to wear when you’re breastfeeding and in between feeds. They should also allow for quick and easy access to your breasts, because every second counts when your hungry baby is crying.

If you want to multitask, these bras allow you to use your pump hands-free — a big win! If you have a wearable pump, though, you can just use a traditional nursing bra. The Bodily Everything Bra impressed our tester with its comfort, especially as a sleep and lounging bra. There are four settings on the hook-and-eye clasps in the back, and there’s even a J-hook to configure the straps into a racerback style.

While this bra may work for those with smaller breasts, more well-endowed people may not feel supported enough by this choice. Additionally, the pull-down aspect makes it so your entire breast is exposed, which may make more modest folks uncomfortable. While trying the bra, unhook the strap clips using only one hand to ensure ease of use. This is an important feature because you will need to open and close them regularly with one hand only while holding your baby. Using a disposable or washable breast pad or nursing pad is the best way to manage leaking breasts.

If you prefer to continue using a bra you already own, you might consider getting a bra extender or converting your bra to a nursing bra, either by taking it to a tailor or to Nordstrom or doing it yourself. For your first nursing bra, we suggest sticking with a bra sized S to XL+, which will cover a large range of band-and-cup sizes. You can expect your breasts to become engorged within the initial week or so of having a baby, but don’t make the mistake of getting a much larger bra when this happens. Your breasts will decrease in the weeks that follow once your milk supply stabilizes . Of all of the seamless bras we tested, none felt as supportive and comfortable as the Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy. The soft bra’s higher than usual spandex content makes it incredibly resistant to stretching out—even when you sleep in it.

Here, find some of the all-around best maternity and nursing bras out there. “Look for removable pads, no underwire (if it’s a sleeping bra) and clips for easy feeding,” Brown says. From sports bras to sleep bras and everything in between, we’ve rounded up the comfiest, most supportive nursing and maternity bras for every activity. Many nursing bras have a clasp that unhooks where the strap and cup meet, allowing you to pull the cup down for quick access to your breast. Others have a crisscross front with soft cups that you can push aside when it’s time to nurse or pump.

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